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Dr. Robert Winters established a medical practice specializing in Infectious Diseases in Santa Monica, California in 1992.



The goal of COVID CONSULTANT is simple:

The goal of COVID CONSULTANT is to provide personalized answers to specific COVID-19 questions based upon current scientific data and best estimates. 

Dr. Winters has treated both suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients and has offered advice to fellow physicians and other healthcare workers now that this virus has arrived in Los Angeles, California. Please review the credentials, experience, and qualifications of Dr. Robert Winters on our “About Us” page. 

Dr. Winters has received many questions related to COVID-19 from his own patients as well as others via telephone, email and in-office consultations. This experience prompted him to create COVID CONSULTANT, which offers paid consulting services to a much wider audience, including people across the United States and internationally. 

COVID CONSULTANT is not for everyone with a coronavirus question; rather, it’s for individuals that have a specific COVID-19 related question that has yet to be answered or perhaps someone who wants an unbiased “second opinion.” Let COVID CONSULTANT be your next logical step.     

Select the best way to contact COVID CONSULTANT:

You can schedule your paid sessions by Email or telephone. Telephone consultations require online appointments which can be scheduled using our Calendly appointment planner below.

Please note all Email questions and telephone consultations must be prepaid by credit card and are non-refundable following a confirmed appointment. 

Questions submitted through Email will be answered within 24 hours following payment confirmation. 

1. Email Consultation – $50 per question
Request and pay for an EMAIL CONSULTATION via the email address below and

Email your question here:  westsidetravelmedicine@gmail.com 

Then pay via the secure Calendly payment form below for the email consultation

Once we receive your payment and question we’ll email back you an answer with up to 300 words in 48hrs

2. Telephone Consultation – $100 per 15 minutes
Request and pay for a TELEPHONE CONSULTATION: Schedule and pay via the secure Calendly payment form below.

We offer you this promise:   

COVID CONSULTANT promises to answer all Covid-19 questions based upon current scientific data and available medical opinion.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Winters, MD
Medical Director
COVID CONSULTANT                                                                                                          Westside Travel Medicine and Immunizations, Inc.