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Dr. Robert Winters is an Infectious Diseases specialist and has been board certified in this specialty since 1992.


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Introduction to COVID CONSULTANT and Westside Travel Medicine and Immunizations, Inc

Welcome to COVID CONSULTANT and Westside Travel Medicine and Immunizations, Inc. As an Infectious Disease physician, I have received many questions about the COVID-19 pandemic from friends, patients, total strangers, and various media outlets. This global disease has not only destroyed the business/recreational travel industry, but it also severely impacted large portions of the world economy, leaving many Americans and others worried, frustrated and helpless with regard to the future.

Many believe the social distancing and business closures have been excessive or even unnecessary. Time will tell ...

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Minimizing Health Risk With International Travel

International travel requires awareness of the many risks inherent in visiting foreign countries. Many risks are unavoidable, including issues related to weather, transportation, security, and health. For those truly `unavoidable’ risks, I subscribe to the “Prepare For the Unexpected” theory as best as one can, then let your adventure unfold.

As a physician, I am always in favor of minimizing risk by preventing those medical problems that have recognized prevention strategies. As an infection specialist, I strongly support the use of vaccines; I believe the data is convincing that routine ch...

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