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Dr. Robert Winters has been in private-practice in Santa Monica since 1992 and is Board-Certified in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine.

The WTMI Blog

Minimizing Health Risk With International Travel

International travel requires awareness of the many risks inherent in visiting foreign countries. Many risks are unavoidable, including issues related to weather, transportation, security, and health. For those truly `unavoidable’ risks, I subscribe to the “Prepare For the Unexpected” theory as best as one can, then let your adventure unfold.


As a physician, I am always in favor of minimizing risk by preventing those medical problems that have recognized prevention strategies. As an infection specialist, I strongly support the use of vaccines; I believe …

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Introduction to WTMI

Welcome to the Westside Travel Medicine and Immunizations blog. I hope to report on active issues relevant to travel medicine and my experience as an infectious disease specialist for over twenty years. This blog will likely evolve as I become more comfortable with the concept of observing/reporting on topics related to international health, including vaccine updates, medication alerts and emerging infectious diseases.


The past year has been no exception to constantly changing international health issues with measles, hepatitis A and influenza becoming the major …

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